Exact Commerce USA, Inc. manages sales, marketing, logistics, and distribution for our China factory, Exact Wood, as well as our sourcing channel, Exact-Taipei.

We offer several programs to match the needs of our customers, including direct containers, cross dock and warehouse programs. We distribute through our (2) warehouses located in Collierville, TN and High Point, NC.

With a skilled labor force of 1,500 employees worldwide and 30+ years of manufacturing and sourcing experience, EC-USA has become one of the foremost suppliers in the residential and hospitality furniture industry, and the billiards industry. We have earned our reputation by providing excellent value, superior service, quality products, and on-time delivery.


Exact Commerce USA, Inc. acquired their CTPAT certification from U.S. Customs & Border Protection in January of 2007.

Each employee of “The Exact Commerce Group” (to include Exact Commerce USA, Inc., Exact Wood China, Exact Wood Vietnam and Exact Commerce Enterprises Taiwan) is committed to following the best practices under the Minimum Security Criteria set forth by the CTPAT program.

As a participant in the CTPAT program, Exact Commerce USA, Inc. is committed to –

  • Provide specific security guidelines and best practices to the employees of Exact Commerce USA and to the suppliers in the Exact Commerce USA supply chain
  • Review and (if necessary) revise current security practices
  • Investigate and report to the proper authorities
    • suspicious activity
    • evidence of container tampering
    • cyber security breach
  • Provide a safe work environment for its employees
  • Continue to support the world wide campaign to prevent terrorism, human smuggling, illegal weapons, drug trafficking and cyber attacks

Security is the responsibility of EACH employee and ALL of the chosen business partners of The Exact Commerce Group.

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We know how challenging the market can be – expedited lead times and quick turns from sample to production are essential. By virtue of our company owned factories we control all production runs, costs and lead times, and are able to prioritize projects along with the shifting needs of our customers.

In today’s competitive world of outsourced manufacturing, our experience, access and quality-control is unmatched. With the factories under our complete control, all of our international offices communicate via the same hardware and operating systems – an integrated alignment that allows us to tightly track orders, identifying and remedying potential problems before they can affect quality or delivery.

Our technologically advanced manufacturing facilities boasts over 1,000,000 sq.ft. in total of useable space. The most recent expansion, occurring in 2017, is our Exactwood Vietnam location.

Employing over 1,500 production and office personnel, our facilities includes a full R&D department with CAD expertise and executing drawings in-house from concept to final specification.



Exact Commerce is a multi-unit, manufacturing and sourcing company that has been producing high-end residential, hospitality and gaming furniture since 1997. Exact Commerce uses top quality raw materials, stateside + offshore manufacturing, leading technology, and USA warehouse distribution.

We approach every aspect of manufacturing with a critical eye and set only the most exacting raw material and structural standards. We relish the opportunity to help realize your vision for producing furnishings that meet all of your desired requirements.



  • Exact Commerce USA, Inc. founded.
  • Lawn and Garden Division of Exact USA launched.


  • OEM Furniture Components Division of Exact USA launched.


  • Exact, Collierville, Tennessee Warehouse and Distribution Center opened.


  • Exact, Collierville, Tennessee warehouse expansion to double in size.


  • Exact Wood, Ltd., Dongguan, China manufacturing opens for components with 120,000 sq.ft.


  • Exact Wood, Ltd., Dongguan, China first expansion.
  • Exact Tools, Qingdao, China offices open for business.
  • Exact Tools, Laiwu, China purchased from local government.


  • Exact Tools, Laiwu, China new facility completed.
  • Exact Wood, Ltd., Dongguan, China second facility expansion.


  • Legacy Division of Exact USA, Inc. initiated.


  • Exact Wood, Ltd., Dongguan, China third facility expansion.


  • Exact Tools, Laiwu, China first expansion of facility.


  • Exact Wood, Ltd., Dongguan, China offers complete finished furniture to OEM market.


  • Primacy Architectural Division of Exact USA started.


  • Exact Tools, Qingdao, China move to new offices.
  • Exact Commerce USA, Inc. warehouse and showroom opened in High Point, North Carolina.
  • Exact Tools, Laiwu, China second expansion of facility.
  • Exact Wood, Ltd., Dongguan, China fourth facility expansion to 1,000,000 sq.ft.


  • Exact Commerce USA, Inc. purchased 12 acres for the development of the National Headquarters facility. This new facility will be 100,000 sq.ft. of office, showroom, and high cube warehousing. This facility will be located on Progress Road in Collierville, Tennessee.


  • Exact Commerce USA, Inc. new headquarters/warehouse/showroom completed.
  • Exact Commerce USA, Inc. in North Carolina has moved from the High Point location to Archdale, North Carolina. The new warehouse now has 28,000 sq.ft. of space.


  • Legacy Billiards, Division of Exact Commerce USA,Inc., went live with their new E-Commerce website.
  • Legacy Billiards opens retail store in Collierville.


  • Exact Commerce USA, Inc. in North Carolina has moved from the Archdale location to 511 Townsend Avenue, High Point. The new warehouse has more than 40,000 sq.ft. of space for our continued growth to offer cross dock solutions for our valuable customers.


  • Exact Wood Vietnam opens for business. This facility offers 1,000,000 sq feet of manufacturing area with expansion options for the continuing growth.